Todd is an AMAZING actor, known for work that's funny, honest and always tall. Some casting directors have said he could be Ted Danson's quirkier younger brother (sorry, Ted).

"Wilkerson has lived in LA for 10 years now and STILL doesn't drive a Range Rover or a Tesla"



I was...I mean HE was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up mostly outside the city in upstate New York. (I think he mentions Brooklyn, in a vain attempt for some street cred, yo.) His journey to become an actor is not unlike most. Ya know, attending Bible College while planning on going into the ministry, only to later attend Art School, which somehow led to a full-time pursuit of acting in his late twenties. He has been in over two hundred TV commercials including a six year stint playing the Burger King king. (I think he mentions the king in a vain attempt for some mascot cred...yo.) After many MANY years in NYC, he moved to La La Land not too long ago to pursue more TV and film roles and so his kids could stop playing with subway rats. As of yet, he does not have a vanity license plate. More later...

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